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Bishop: Divine Mercy reminds us we are loved

Bishop: Divine Mercy reminds us we are loved


MANILA– Amid the modern malady of depression and loneliness, the Divine Mercy is a permanent reminder that one is loved.

“Today where people are lonely, and amongst many gadgets, there is nobody you can count on, the Divine Mercy tells us that whatever we do, wherever we are, God loves us…. We are loved,” Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo told CBCPNews in an exclusive interview at the sidelines of the ongoing 4th World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM).

In a society dominated by the modern rat race, the chairman of the Episcopal Commission on the Laity said the Divine Mercy is a reassuring reminder.

“In today’s time where the world dictates that we should work hard to succeed, Divine Mercy tells us that there is God helping us,” he said.

“We need the devotion to the Divine Mercy, especially today that many people are losing hope and are having a hard time in life.”

Pabillo also noted the timeliness of the said devotion, echoing the absolute the grace and love of God.

An estimated 5,000 delegates from the Philippines as well as  Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Austria, the U.S., Papua New Guinea, and Fiji were at the international congress on mercy. CBCPNews