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Bulacan seminary honors 1st bishop alumnus

Bulacan seminary honors 1st bishop alumnus

Pope Francis recently appointed Fr. Nolly Camingue Buco, 54, Auxiliary Bishop of Antipolo.

By Sem. Kendrick Ivan Panganiban

July 24, 2018


During the Institution to the Ministry of Lectors and Acolytes at Immaculate Conception Major Seminary (ICMAS) on July 10 in this town, the seminary community rejoiced over the appointment of Fr. Nolly Camingue Buco, 54, who graduated from the institution’s theologate in 1993.

Bishop’s announcement

Cubao Bishop and Malolos Apostolic Administrator Honesto F. Ongtioco announced Buco’s appointment during the Eucharistic celebration attended by priests from the Dioceses of Malolos and Antipolo and lay faithful on the occasion of the installation to lay ministries of seminarians from both dioceses.

“It is with great joy that I announce to you that now on this day, one of this seminary’s graduates has been appointed by Pope Francis as a bishop in the person of Fr. Nolly Buco. He has been assigned by the Holy Father to be the new Auxiliary Bishop of Antipolo,” said the prelate.

Reflecting on the grace of the new appointment Ongtioco said, “When a piece of land is low, like a catch basin, when the rain comes it flows through the low land and is filled with these waters. I believe this is the same with Fr. Buco. Being a humble man himself, he keeps himself low, on the ground and by that God is able to pour his abundant grace on him. Now as a bishop, he is filled with God’s grace.”

Greetings from brother-priests

In the next days, many of the seminary’s present and past formators expressed their joy over Buco’s appointment.

During the seminary’s community Mass on July 11, ICMAS rector Fr. Emmanuel I. Cruz said, “Yesterday, the joy could not be contained in me as I learned of the news of Fr. Nolly Buco’s appointment as a bishop. It proves to us how this institution, [which] has produced priests for the previous years has now gained a remarkable blessing, that in our lifetime we have someone who has walked, studied, and prayed in these halls who is now a bishop of the Church.”

Meanwhile, ICMAS Dean Emeritus Msgr. Sabino A. Vengco, Jr. also said in a community Mass on July 16, “I am glad that in the many years of teaching in this seminary, with God’s grace we have a bishop alumnus. Fr. Nolly Buco in his priestly ministry has not only been an inspiration as a leader, but more so in his image as a humble man, a loving father to his parishioners, and even when he was a seminarian, a good brother to the members of his community.”

1st ICMASino bishop

ICMAS has produced priest alumni since 1992, with Buco coming from the seminary’s second batch of ordinandi. He was then ordained for the Diocese of Antipolo, comprising the Province of Rizal and the city of Marikina.

He finished his Licentiate and Doctorate in Canon Law at the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas and is also currently the diocese’s judicial vicar.

His appointment follows the elevation of Antipolo Bishop Francisco M. De Leon, who was then auxiliary bishop, to coadjutor and then Bishop of Antipolo in 2016.

Buco is currently parish priest at Our Lady of Light Parish in Cainta, Rizal, whose image of Nuestra Señora de la Luz is to be canonically crowned come Dec. 1.