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Cardinal Advincula to Catholic schools: Face challenges with humility, courage

Cardinal Advincula to Catholic schools:   Face challenges with humility, courage

By Mariel Celine L. Serquiña

August 23, 2021

Manila, Philippines

Cardinal Jose Advincula of Manila called on Catholic schools to face the new academic year with “humility” and “courage” amidst the crisis brought by the pandemic.

Speaking during the Archdiocese of Manila Educational System Mass of the Holy Spirit on Monday, he said that “in these unprecedented times, we need extraordinary help”.

“In our weakness, may the Holy Spirit be our strength. In our worries and fears, may the Holy Spirit be the source of our courage,” Advincula said in his homily at the Manila Cathedral.

He stressed that dealing with difficulties brought by the Covid-19 crisis also requires “spiritual” solutions.

“The Mass of the Holy Spirit is really an act of humility on our part [for] we admit that we cannot do it on our own, that we need God’s help, that we need the Holy Spirit,” Advincula said.

“We cannot do anything without God’s help. We all need help. We all need the assistance of one another, and education rests on this truth,” he added.

The cardinal also said school administrators needs to seek “humility” and “openness to learn” from the Holy Spirit.

“If our schools are genuinely educational institutions then everyone should be educated, not only the students. Everyone should learn from one another… each one listens to the other,” he said.

“Only those humble enough to admit that they do not know everything will truly learn,” according to him.

Most Catholic schools celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of every school year.


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