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CBCP head: ‘Let us form and sustain our BECs’

CBCP head: ‘Let us form and sustain our BECs’

Archbishop Romulo Valles, CBCP President, delivers the homily at Mass in San Pedro Cathedral for the opening of the 4th BEC National Assembly in Davao City Nov. 11. SCREENSHOT/DXGN SPIRIT-FM DAVAO

By CBCP News

November 12, 2019

Davao City

The head of the Catholic hierarchy has called for ongoing training programs and support systems that will sustain the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs).

Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao, CBCP President, said the church’s fundamental and continuing task is to develop BECs where their faith “may increase and grow stronger.”

“…A faith that empowers BEC members to look out and care for each other, to be there for the community and even to reach out in service and solidarity to those who are beyond the boundaries of his own community,” Valles said.

The archbishop was speaking during Mass at the San Pedro Cathedral to open the 4th BEC National Assembly in Davao City on Nov. 11.

Drawing parallelism between the Church and the BECs, he stressed that both are built by the Eucharist.

Sharing their experience in the Metropolitan Province of Davao, Digos, Tagum and Mati (DaDiTaMa), he said that “our people know that the Eucharist builds the BEC”.

“And so, a BEC must always be a liturgical community, a worshipping community, as it must also be a teaching and witnessing community and the same time, a BEC must truly be a serving and shepherding community,” Valles said.

The theme of the assembly is “Discerning the challenges of the BEC journey in the light of the New Evangelization”.

To be held until Nov. 14, the assembly will look back on the primacy of BECs in the country and in the 50-year experience of DaDiTaMa region’s “way of being Church”.

Some talks and activities also aim to discern the challenges that BECs face in the light of the new evangelization and the 500th Year of Christianization of the Philippines.

The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines considers the BECs as the realization of the vision of a renewed Church.

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