Confab inspired by Counter Reformation, ‘Year of Parish’

Confab inspired by Counter Reformation, ‘Year of Parish’
Summer Institute on Sacred Scriptures 2017 at De La Salle University, Manila on May 5 to 6. ANTONIO INGLES

MANILA – The Theology and Religious Education Department (TRED) of De La Salle University organized on May 5 to 6 their 2017 Summer Institute on Sacred Scriptures (SISS) entitled “The Bible and the Church: The Parish and the Catholic Counter Reformation” bringing in several Catholic experts to grace the parish-inspired activity.

In a social media post, TRED said the event as marked two important Catholic endeavors this year, namely, the Year of the Parish and the 500th year commemoration of Protestant Reformation, which would usher in the Catholic Church’s Counter Reformation.

“The year 2017 marks two important things, [locally] the “Year of the Parish: Communion of Communities” and universally, remembering the 500th year of Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther in 1517 which signaled one of the major breaks from the See of Rome,” it stated.

500 years after

“Although the actual Counter Reformation started only a couple of decades after, with the Council of Trent, it is but timely to look at how the Church has addressed this great rift in her communion and how we can all work for ecumenical dialogue and even full communion in the future, especially through the Biblical apostolate,” added TRED.

The two-day seminar featured renowned resource persons to talk about the main themes of “Parish as Communion of Communities”, history and development of Biblical interpretation in the country, and ecumenism or ecumenical dialogue in the Philippines today.

Fr. Amado Picardal, one of the speakers, noted that his talk “Biblical and Ecclesiological Foundations of the Parish as a Communion of Communities” focused on the Biblical-theological perspective, the vision of the “Church as Communion and as People of God”.

“[My talk included] showing the importance of what it means for BECs to become agents of communion, participation, and mission and thankfully, the participants were very attentive; there were lots of discussion and sharing,” said the priest, who is the executive secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Committee on Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs).

Active BEC involvement

“Since most of them are involved in the catechetical program of their respective parishes, as well as members of trans-parochial communities [we expect] that they will be actively involved in the formation of BECs there,” added Picardal, who is also known as the “biking priest.”

Aside from Picardal, other speakers were Dr. Anicia H. del Corro, leading linguist and translation consultant and Fr. Rolando Garcia, spiritual director of the Philosophy Department, San Carlos Seminary, Makati.

The 2017 Summer Institute on Sacred Scriptures was held at the Yuchengco Seminar Rooms, De La Salle University, Manila. CBCPNews