Fake news, media bias, media creations

Fake news, media bias, media creations

We need to be fully warned and armed everytime we pick up nowadays a newspaper, or listen to talk shows on TV and read through the many postings on the social media. The things we read or hear there can be dangerous and poisonous not only to our spiritual and moral life, but also to our immediate physical, biological life and our emotional well-being. So, caveat emptor!

We cannot deny that today the media is full of fake news. Media bias with its media creations are all over the place. Obvious lies and one-sided views with hardly any solid basis are peddled heavily as if to influence the public to think they are the truth. False, tendentious and self-serving narratives are created, making use of celebrities, memes, slogans, etc. to prop them up. The common good is hardly considered.

And that’s simply because the world is drifting toward godlessness and is practically ruled only by theoretical or highly speculative ideologies, rabid partisan politics and personal opinions that are given absolute value.

It seems that all forms of subjectivism are dominating our media these days. And many factors can lend them some appearance of credibility. We are now, for example, in a rapid if mindless dynamic of instant communication where verification and proper judgment are often set aside. We are never lacking in so-called data and all kinds of info to rationalize any position we want to have, etc.

The objectivity of truth in charity as taught, shown and lived by Christ is hardly known. In fact, it is fast regarded as an impossibility or as impractical and useless. It’s always good to remember that the truth which will always include charity, fairness, justice, etc., can only be found and achieved when it is pursued with God as the inspiration and the goal.

Let’s always remember what St. Paul said about how we can judge things rightly. “The spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is no subject to anyone’s judgment,” he said. (1 Cor 2,15) In other words, we have to be with God to be the spiritual man that St. Paul talks about. Other than that, forget it. Truth will always be elusive.

And things can still get worse. Perhaps in our country, it is not as bad as it is in others, particularly in the US and other so-called developed countries where the tendency to be godless and its consequence on the media are stronger.

Still, not everything is lost. In fact, this terrible phenomenon can occasion an improvement in the way we look for truth, justice and charity. It can teach us precious lessons and contribute to our development as mature Christians. This is usually the case when our reaction to our problems in the world is inspired by our faith, hope and love for God.

Let’s always remember that no matter how grave the lies and distortions are and how persistent the denials are, the truth will always prevail sooner or later. After all, God cannot allow evil to prevail definitively. It may win some battles, but the over-all victory can never be theirs. All forms of subjectivism and evils cannot stand on their own. They are like parasites that have to adhere to the truth and to the good.

What we should just do is to focus on the truth and the good that those fake news, media bias and media creations try to distort or deny. And we should do this always with charity which actually has its own forcefulness. It’s not true to think that charity will always assume a passive and defeatist attitude. Charity can be forceful with the forcefulness of Christ’s love.

We have to be wary of our tendency to correct evil with bitter zeal, bereft of charity. That will make things worse. Evil is countered with goodness, falsehood with truth, hatred with charity.