‘Feast videos’ help promote BECs

‘Feast videos’ help promote BECs

Parish priest of St. Nicholas de Tolentine Parish, Fr. Joel G. Cariaso. DIOCESE OF CABANATUAN

CABANATUAN City – The Parish of San Nicolas de Tolentino in partnership with The Feast Cabanatuan pioneered using videos as a tool for evangelization in reaching out to Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs), in 23 barangays.

Initiated by their parish priest, Fr. Joel Cariaso, and Feast Builder Noel Tamin, the project uses “Feast videos” to share the Gospel to various communities in the parish.

“Feast videos can be done in your very own place – your house, your office, and your school even. Through it, big or small groups of people gather as they watch and listen to God’s Word from a series of talks that are pre-recorded,” explained Tamin, who is a member of the Light of Jesus (LOJ) family, a Christian community “that shares the Light of God’s love for us and our love for Him.”

Power of visuals

Cariaso got the idea after regularly celebrating Mass in Feast sessions, making him realize the effectiveness of visuals in catching the attention of lay people.

“Last year, I shared my desire to have regular Mass in our Feast and asked help from Rev. Fr. Joel Cariaso. Little did we know, it was going to be the start of something great,” shared the Cabanatuan Feast Builder.

“I shared to him how the Lord uses the Feast and Feast video to bless a lot of people, and early this year, Fr. Joel asked me if I can help him put up Feast videos in his parish as a tool to reach BECs,” he said.

By January of this year, a total of 23 barangays have started using feast videos, which aim to ‘help the local parish bring new life to the BECs…’

The Feast is LOJ’s weekly prayer gathering.

In solidarity

Supportive of the Catholic Church in the Philippines’ celebration of the Year of the Parish, LOJ backs the initiative to reach out to BECs.

“We want to serve the wider Church in every way we can. This is a response to the call of the Church to prioritize the forming and revitalizing of Basic Ecclesial Communities in every parish as agents of communion, participation, and mission with the active participation of other faith communities, lay organizations, movements, and associations,” said Tamin.

As one of the local communities of Catholic Christians within the parish, LOJ members are encouraged “to gather regularly and share the Word of God and live it in their daily life, to pray and celebrate their faith.”

“In this Year of the Parish, we open ourselves to what the Lord would want us to do in the service of the local parishes. We enjoin the Church in making the Parish truly a communion of communities,” he added. CBCPNews