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Marian novena for PH crises launched

Marian novena for PH crises launched
Traditionally, the Church celebrates the birthday of the Blessed Virgin on Sept. 8

MANILA – As the Church looks forward to the feast of the Nativity of Mary on Sept. 8, a priest invites the faithful to turn the next days into a novena entrusting the Philippines to the Blessed Mother.

“It is to Our Blessed Mother that we turn to in this time when our nation is in the midst of crises, especially with the ongoing siege in Marawi, the drug-related killings, the renewed attempt to pass a ‘divorce bill’ in Congress, and the push by health authorities to approve dangerous contraceptives for use among our countrymen,” said Fr. Rolando Arjonillo, in an interview with CBCP News.

“We, Pinoys, even those working abroad, should unite and multiply our prayers to ask the intercession of Our Lady, convinced that the Blessed Mother will hear the prayers of her children,” said the Filipino priest assigned in Seville, Spain.

Arjonillo, as the administrator of the Catholics Striving for Holiness website and Facebook page, with the collaboration of other Filipino faithful overseas, launched a worldwide novena for Filipinos to “pray not only for the Philippines but also other international concerns such as for people suffering from natural disasters and terrorist attacks.”

Nine days of focused prayer

According to the Catholic Encylopedia a novena is “nine days’ private or public devotion in the Catholic Church to obtain special graces.”

“Often, a sense of urgency for our country accompanies us in these times,” Arjonillo observed, “In preparation for Our Mother’s birthday we could turn our daily acts into ‘spiritual flowers’ for Our Lady.”

The priest offered some “tips” on how to turn these nine days into a time of focused prayer in hopeful anticipation of an answer for the needs of the Philippines:

  • daily Marian prayers, like the Angelus and the rosary;
  • struggling to live holy purity; saying “no” to temptation by praying “Blessed be Thy purity” or “Hail Mary” or simply, “Mother, help me!”
  • going to Confession, especially if one hasn’t gone for a long time;
  • offering to Jesus one’s work, study, tiredness, illness, traffic, or any inconvenience with patience and cheerfulness;
  • biting one’s tongue when there is a temptation to say something which could hurt, insult, or defame another person;
  • helping a person in need

Power of prayer

“These acts are also a wonderful witness to a belief in the power of prayer and the manifestation of a living faith, said the priest.

“Let us ask Holy Mary’s intercession for peace in the country, for the change of hearts of the sowers of violence, and to relieve the suffering of innocent people, so that persons of different beliefs would live in peaceful co-existence,” the priest urged. CBCPNews

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