Fighting boredom and dryness

Fighting boredom and dryness

It cannot be denied that even with all our best efforts, the danger of slipping into boredom and dryness is always there, what with all this somewhat ‘forced’ stay-at-home dispensation we are having these days. It’s truly a big challenge for us to be resilient and practical, but we know that we have our limitations.

Unless we let it, this should not be a big problem. We just have to be constantly aware of that danger and do something about it. There is always hope. As St. Paul said, “God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” (1 Cor 10,13) So, let’s not exaggerate our predicament.

But, yes, we have to learn how to fight boredom and dryness. They usually come when the heart is not anymore beating with love, or is weakening in that vital function. What we have to do is to stir it up again, asking first for God’s grace but without ever neglecting the appropriate human effort we have to exert.

Of course, the effort we are expected to exert is no walk in the park. We have to be ready to be heroic, to go to the extreme of our self-giving. Let’s take comfort in the thought that God cannot be outdone in generosity. If we are heroically generous with him, you can just imagine how generous he will also be with us! Let’s always remember that he promised to give a return of a hundredfold to whatever we give him and others out of love. (cfr. Mk 10,30)

But, yes, we have to be practical in this. What comes to my mind is, of course, to see to it that we are always praying whatever we may be doing at any given moment. Every activity that we do should somehow be a form of prayer. And let’s see to it that our

prayer is a real encounter and conversation with God. It should not be just a make-believe thing.

Concretely, we have to see to it that our awareness of the presence of God is constant. For this, we may have to do many acts of faith, hope and charity, some short ejaculatory prayers or aspirations that truly voice out what is in our heart. God, being a father, will always understand us, no matter how much we complain in a filial way.

It will also greatly help if we can have a list of intentions to pray for and to offer our tasks for. These days, these intentions are endless. There are just so many people in great need of things, both material and spiritual. We have to do whatever we can to help them meet those needs.

Of course, real love is not just a matter of good intentions and sweet words. By its very essence, it has to be expressed in deeds. And nowadays, despite the stay-at-home order, there will always be things to do.

Usually they are small tasks, even menial in character. But if done out of love for God and for others, they can acquire tremendous power to help people in their needs. God’s mysterious ways and the Christian doctrine about the communion of saints will see to it that even in our hidden work done with love can reach out to people we may not even know.

It is also good that we come out always with some plan or schedule of activities during the day, so that we do not get lost and confused easily, and so that we can manage our energies properly. We have to realize that while God’s grace can make the impossible

possible, we continue to remain human with our natural limitations.

Let’s hope that in the end, we are always on the move, acting with zeal. That way, we can effectively fight boredom and dryness!