See Christ in poor, outcast — Cardinal Tagle

See Christ in poor, outcast — Cardinal Tagle
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila arrives in procession to celebrate Palm Sunday Mass at the Manila Cathedral, April 9, 2017. CBCPNews

MANILA— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle kicked off the Holy Week by celebrating Palm Sunday Mass where he called on the faithful to welcome Christ in the person of the poor and the oppressed.

In his homily at the Manila Cathedral, the cardinal said that Palm Sunday is an invitation for everyone to welcome Christ into their life in the image of the hungry, the sick, the lonely and the outcast.

“Ang pagtanggap natin sa tunay na Jesus ay pagtanggap sa kanyang presensya sa mga dukha, sa mga dinuduraan ng lipunan, sa mga iniinsulto sa ating mundo, sa mga taong tahimik lamang kahit sila’y sinasampal,” he said.

(The welcoming of the real Jesus is the acceptance of His presence in the poor, those being spat upon by the society, those insulted and those who remain silent even when they are slapped.)

Thousands of Catholics packed the cathedral, and parishes around the country, to mark the Passion Sunday, the start of the Holy Week that concludes with Easter Sunday.

Many people waved palm fronds to symbolize how worshippers greeted Jesus over 2,000 years ago as he entered Jerusalem.

Cardinal Talge also focused on how Jesus’ passion and death served as examples of God’s humility even if people mocked and disobeyed Him.

“Tatanggapin ba natin ang sugo ng Diyos? Mapagkumbaba, ordinaryong tao, sugatan, puno ng insulto at dura at hinubaran. Pero sanay naman siya, hinubad niya ang kanyang dangal,” Cardinal Tagle said.

(Are we going to accept the Son of God? Humble, an ordinary person, wounded, insulted, spat upon and stripped. But he’s used to it, he stripped Himself of His dignity.”)

According to him, God’s way is humility as he called on the faithful to imitate His attitude.

“Ganyan si Hesus at anyan din ang pagsunod natin sa kanya,” Cardinal Tagle said.

(“Jesus is like that and we should follow him like that.”) CBCPNews