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Couples told: ‘Have courage to fight divorce bill’

Couples told: ‘Have courage to fight divorce bill’

Pro-life advocate Mae Amorante shares inputs during an enhancement seminar for Pre-Cana facilitators in the Diocese of Malolos. RAINIER POLICARPIO

By Myraine Carluen – Policarpio

April 10, 2018


Speaking at a recently-concluded enhancement seminar for Pre-Cana facilitators in the Diocese of Malolos, Mae Amorante called on husbands and wives to deepen their understanding of marriage and to take a stand against the proposed divorce bill.

“One of the challenges the society faces nowadays is the number of dysfunctional marriages and families,” she said in an interview with CBCP News. “And with this, all of us must find the courage to speak our minds about divorce.”

“Let us remember that right is right even if nobody’s doing it; thus, wrong is wrong even if everybody’s doing it,” added Amorante.

Healing wounds in the family

In her talk, she encouraged members of church organizations to strengthen their understanding of family and life as this could be the best way to start healing the wounds of “dysfunctional marriages” and broken families.

“Let start it in our own homes, then we continue inspiring other people to value relationships and make a firm stand against divorce,” said Amorante.

According to the lay speaker, couples who understand “sacramental marriage” can live “as one in accordance to God’s plan and glory.” By living in the God’s will, she said, married couples develop a new level of oneness and intimacy.

Promoting family and life

Meanwhile, Fr. Dars Cabral, director of the Commission on Family and Life, expressed how “disturbing” it is that most of the faithful are “silent” about their stand on the divorce bill.

“I am even more saddened to see how some people have kept their mouth shut and not expressing outrage against divorce,” he said. “The thing is, these people haven’t realized it yet that divorce could destroy not just marital relationships and the families concerned, but also could affect the entire society.”

The priest also presented and explained the components of the newly-proposed module for pre-Cana facilitators. He reiterated that pre-cana seminars should really be a “four-Saturday course” just so all the key components of having “a happy and God-centered marriage” can be discussed thoroughly.

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