Want to be a disciple? Have ‘Gospel joy’

Want to be a disciple? Have ‘Gospel joy’

5th KaDA Youth Leaders Exchange (KYLE) delegates reflect during a Taizé activity held at the Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu on April 28 to 30. 5th KYLE MEDIA TEAM

ANTIPOLO — To answer the call to the young to be Jesus’ modern disciples, the Diocese of Antipolo youth ministers held their 5th KaDA Youth Leaders Exchange (KYLE) from April 28 to 30 and were reminded of an important element of following Jesus: joy in the Gospel

“The first requirement of being an evangelizer is not being good in public speaking, but being the one who has the joy in the Gospel,” said Fr. Joel Jason, parish priest of Mary, Mirror of Justice parish, Makati City.

Radical youth

The priest reminded the youth about this sometimes overlooked Christian quality, in his talk “Radical Youth, Living the Word, Leading by Example.”

Themed “Youth Ministers: The Radical Disciples”, the event gathered various Antipolo youth leaders for the purpose of equipping them through encounter and allowing them to emerge as empowered leaders who will minister other youth in their respective parishes.

The participants learned how “to think radically, lead, and pastor the young flock of today and embrace leadership” through the sessions, plenary talks, teambuilding activities, forums and Taizé – fellowship and prayer at the  Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu, San Mateo.

Equip, encounter, and empower

Lay speakers Loreto San Juan and Bobby Quitain also shared their insights about leadership, serving with love, and pastoring the youth ministries of the diocese.

“If we want change in our ministry, introduce them to the game-changer of our lives. And who is that? Jesus!” Quitain said in his talk “#HugotMillenials: Pastoring the Youth of Today.”

Simultaneous workshops on fundraising, online mission, planning, #ACTPH: Social Action, environment, Taizé, liturgy, discernment, and fellowship were held in the morning and afternoon sessions of the second day.

The 5th KYLE concluded with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by Antipolo Bishop Francisco M. De Leon, DD.

Antipolo youth coordinator Gabriel Carlo Francisco shared his reflections on the event in a social media post, saying: “I proclaim the greatness of the Lord, for all the good things that is happening to me, it was not because of me, it has been done by God; I am just a lowly servant. All praises and greetings are all meant for God, and Holy is His Name.” CBCPNews